DuDuChair , Secure and Fun Seating Solution for Kids

Does your little child sit on the floor to put on shoes before going out? The posture is not right, and their little bottom is not comfortable 🫤

Introducing a special home chair for preschoolers, designed with a sturdy structure combining a dovetail joint and metal hardware.

// Added adjustable two-stage seating position and adult chair mode. //


Is your little one always sitting on the floor by the door to put on their shoes? The DuduChair is here to provide a comfortable seating solution for children aged two to seven, allowing them to easily put on their favorite shoes.

Featuring a sturdy design with a combination of metal screws and wooden tenons, the DuduChair can withstand the unexpected mischievous behavior of young children. Even if they try to imitate a train and push themselves backward while sitting on the chair, it can handle it with ease! 🤑

The long seat of the chair also serves as a play surface where kids can place their toys or cherished belongings. It becomes their personal play area while seated.

We prioritize your child’s safety, which is why we have designed the chair with two long side panels instead of four cylindrical legs, eliminating the possibility of accidental tipping and avoiding any chance of the legs causing harm.


The DuduChair is available in four color options and three preset sizes, and we also offer customizations to meet your specific requirements. Choose from the following variations:

Innocent Birch ⬇️

Playful Walnut ⬇️

Mixed Chair – Birch Side Panels, Walnut Seat⬇️

Mixed Chair – Walnut Side Panels, Birch Seat ⬇️

Toddler – Single Height

This configuration is perfect for children aged 2 to 5, providing a simple design that can accompany them in their daily activities. Whether it’s putting on shoes, using it in the living room, or placing small toys on the chair for playtime, we have ensured the chair’s height and seat width are just right for the child while keeping it lightweight. We believe that a chair for little ones should be small and light enough to be easily moved around during playtime. ⬇️


Toddler – Adjustable Two Heights

Building upon the basic toddler chair design, this variation includes an additional groove that allows the seat to be raised by 5 cm, extending the usability of the chair as your child grows. ⬇️



Designed for adult users, this chair features an enlarged seat that offers added comfort for individuals of all sizes. Despite the challenges in working with wider seat dimensions and the complexity of combining different wood grains, our skilled craftsmen ensure that each piece showcases the natural beauty of the wood and maintains the elegant structural design, making the DuduChair a visually pleasing addition to any space. ⬇️


Custom Orders

We understand that every customer has unique needs, and we are open to custom orders. Therefore, we offer customization options for different height adjustments and more. Whether you need a chair for playing the piano or a multi-tiered chair rack to store shoes, we welcome your ideas. Our designer will discuss your requirements and provide sketches for further consideration.

Package Includes:

DuDu Chair 1 set (assembly required)


【From the Designer】

I’m Yulin, the main designer from 9house Design.

With a commitment to our initial entrepreneurial vision, we have received international design awards for five consecutive years. Each 9house product is meticulously handcrafted to bring out its true beauty. When shipping our products, I personally handle the packaging, ensuring that every customer and their furry friends receive a delightful experience.

As a small-scale brand, we may not have a large studio, spacious warehouse, or extensive marketing campaigns, but our design philosophy and product quality have garnered heartwarming five-star reviews on global handmade platforms. With your support, we have overcome six years of entrepreneurial challenges and continue to move forward.

Here are some design awards we’ve received:

2021 Golden Pin Design Award (Taiwan)
2020 Etsy Design Award (USA)
2019 Golden Pin Design Award (Taiwan)
2018 Golden Pin Design Award (Taiwan)
2017 Red Dot Design Award (Germany)


[Contact Us]

If you have any questions or need assistance during the selection process, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to discuss detailed

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