Little Egret

The opportunity for children self-learning starts with an exclusive small hanger.

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Little Egret Baby Kid Cloth Stand

Suitable for children under 100 cm in height. The structure design is intuitive and durable, and the surface coating with water-based non-toxic paint. An ideal place for the little one to storing belove skirts。

Children's Day Special Event

Buy a set of hangers and get a free set of natural log building blocks, which can be used as baby toys when going out. 🥳

Children's Day Special Event

We made a hanger with a classic shape once. After using the diamond-shaped cross hanger structure for a while, it is found that the crossbar will loosen. So when we are doing the redesign this time, we put the concept of “clamping” into the Little Egret hanger’s assembly structure. Not only did it achieve the goal of maintaining stability no matter which direction it was shaking, but it also allowed the design of Little Egret to take shape naturally.

Wood Ash has relatively white in the color of the log, and this kind of white color is reminiscent of the white feathers on the small egret.

The crossbar is made of Beech wood. The beech wood’s hardness is higher than the Ash wood, and with a more meticulous pattern, which is very suitable for making round sticks to connect the stand legs on both sides. When you look closely at the cloth stand, you can see the subtle differences between the two kinds of wood. The mutual matching and opposition between the two wood materials bring out the minimalist style’s most crucial core- “texture”.

Little Egret Adult/Child Cloth Stand

The height is high enough to hang adult clothing. When winter comes, you can hang winter clothing wait for the next hanging out.

There are also event gifts for Children's Day!!

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