Joey sofa 1

Furry friends will explore every corner of the home, looking for a place in the house that feels safe, comfortable, and can observe the whole family’s activities. We hope to provide such a corner through our design. Let the owner also join the cat’s daily life and make more fun every day.

We hope that each bed and bed cover should be easy to clean, durable, and have their own characteristics with creative design. Finally, we have always insisted on a beautiful appearance.

Joey Sofa Pet Bed

Provide a movable and exclusive safe corner. No longer play the role of a bio rag under the bed or table.

Suitable for small to medium size furry friends

2017 Red Dot Award Winner, Germany

Function Suitable
Joey Sofa Create a safe harbor that furry kids can hide inside For every cat kid
DayDream An open style pet bed S &M Size is suitable for cat kids

DayDream Pet Bed

One bed frame - three kinds of creative cloth covers

Cat Kids is suggested to chose the S or M bed size.

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