Joey Sofa Pet Bed

A solid wood rack with a stylish cushion providing a peaceful hiding hub for our furry friends.


2017 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany

Our pet friend wants a comfortable house. What is the key point to make our fur friend happy?

1. A sense of security, hiding in a wonderland away from outside interference.
2. Two-story villa is a luxurious kingdom that lets the cat friend play up and down.
3. The bed cover has a smile arc, like being hugged by your hands.
4. Super convenient to accompany our fur pal. Grap a cat-fighting stick and let’s play!

What’s even better! The bed cover is super easy to remove and wash!!

Material: Solid wood Beech, Cotton.

Color: Ivory White / Dove Gray / Navy Blue

Length: 76cm/30in Width: 56cm/22in Height: 48cm/19in weight: 6.5kg/14.3lb

Package Include 1 set of wood frame and 1 cloth cover.

@100% Made in Taiwan: The frame is made of 3 cm thick beech logs. Compared with other wood materials, the higher density and hardness make beech more suitable for making furry furniture.

@Semi-Cover: ​ Like a star-gazing house, the half-cover cloth provides wide vision and adequate ventilation. This cloth cover allows our pet friends to keep their focus on their family all the time

@Full-Cover: A Cloth cover like a tiny cave, the full-cover cloth provides a great sense of safety so that our pet friends can hide at a place where they can enjoy undisturbed solitude. The furry pals with love for height may also climb up to the full-cover cloth’s upper side for a bird’ s-eye view.

@The Joey sofa is suitable for furry friends with approximately 65cm / 25.6inches in length and 50cm / 19inches in height. (Length: from nose to butt when standing / Height: from the top of the forehead to where its body reaches the floor when standing) According to our experience, weight is usually not a problem as long as the furry pals can get in the Joey sofa. Normally, the cover cloth of the Joey sofa is recommended for carrying furry pals under 40kg / 88lbs.

@The cloth cover designed not to touch the ground and high in the front and low in the back allows fur friends to settle in the nest naturally.


@ The smile arc created by the cloth cover makes fur friends feel like being embraced by our hands.

@Cloth cover is easy and fast to disassemble and replace. Want to clean the cloth cover? Through into the washing machine without worry about any hardware.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 85 × 55 × 10 cm
Cover Style



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1 review for Joey Sofa Pet Bed

  1. Jorge
    They answered all my questions promptly and clearly. The product is also very well made. My kitten LOVES it
    Kathy Lee
    Yulin! 十分喜歡你的設計,期待你新的產品。
    Wang Po-Yun

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