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October Popup Store Event Confirmed!

Continuing the success of our previous popup store event. Our friends who visited the last flash store said they found it really helpful because they could get a real feel for the product’s size and material, which reduced a lot of hesitation 🤠 This time, at the same location, we also welcome you to chat with the designer!

Also joining us on the same day is Marmarbarbar, specializing in handmade children’s clothing. We’ve been comrades working together all along, sharing a mutual appreciation for handmade quality, so we’re not alone in this venture. 🤠”

New Release 🤩
DuDuChair in Adult Size

Due to its classic yet modern design and the exceptional texture of natural wood grain, DuDuChair stands out from mass-produced options or real wood chairs that have undergone extreme artificial beautification. One of our customers customized an adult-sized DuDuChair to place in their living room, adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to the interior. This has led us to include the adult-sized DuDuChair as a regular option. Come and take a look!

New Styles

2021 Golden Dot Design Award Winner
Little Egret Clothes Rack

For the fifth consecutive year, 9house has received international design recognition.
The Little Egret Clothes Hanger, with its innovative take on the classic clothes hanger design, has earned the approval of the judges. The warm and stylish natural wood grain, combined with the clever clamp-lock mechanism, allows for easy mobility and durability without detachment.
Two height settings make it suitable for everyday clothing and accessory use, from young children to adults!

Now available for a limited time! Bring home the award-winning design effortlessly!

Limited Time Offer

Sweet home story: children’s little castle

They are a group of furry children from Kaohsiung, the capital of Taiwan. Mom was worried that Chihuahuas might not be able to climb the Joey sofa, but after the trial, she found that the children like to hide in the Joey sofa and stay there as their favorite safe corner.

Thoroughly Mom put on the children’s sleeping blankets, which gave the children more warmth in the coming winter.

Dan Levy’s favorite finds

We are honored to be selected by the famous actor Dan Levy in his selection list.

From the global mass of Etsy products, 9house Design has two selected in Dan's 48-item list. We appreciate the continued recognition from overseas.

Click the link below to see 9house Design and other selected world-class design products.

Sweet home story: blessed and shared

They are friends from Hong Kong, a big family of three cats and two dogs. Their Mum ordered two of our 30 cm Big bowl stands for two big dogs. But after a period of use, the cats couldn’t resist the temptation of the food in the bowl, and they climbed up the bowl racks to grab food. We thought… maybe it is the bowl rack that makes the food way too delicious. 😂

Featured Products

Amazing Things for our baby

Selected as one of the Top 100 Etsy Design Award 2020,Big bowl stand impressed judges with a straightforward and functional design and stands out from more than 60 million design products worldwide.

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