There is always a mess while cat kid feeding? or is the elder cat friend unable to bend over to eat?

What function does an excellent pet bowl stand have? The foot cover with great anti-slip ability, stability increased while height raised, providing appropriate bowl height, or an easy to clean shape. 9house Pet’s bowl racks are designed for matching fur kid needs! 9house Pet’s bowl racks are designed for matching fur kid needs!

渾圓大雙碗  / 金鋼碗架

King Kong Bowl Stand

Double bowls design with large capacity completely satisfy the appetite of large furry kids. Seeing astonishing beauty in every edge and surface presented by unique wood grain.

In addition to ceramic bowls, stainless steel bowls are available with larger capacity and greater satisfaction.

1. Select the appropriate bowl size with the fur kid’s appetite. If appetite larger than 1 cup a meal, chose Big Bowl stand. Otherwise, chose Meteor or Peanut bowl stand.

2. Set the bowl stand height with the figure below.

3. The Big Bowl and the Meteor are single bowl designs. The peanut bowl rack is a double bowl design.

Most cat friends are suitable for Meteor or Peanut bowl stand. But larger cats are also recommended for Big Bowl stand.

  • A tilted bowl surface can collect the last drop of food while eating. A slightly lower front end of the bowl stand, making it easier for the furry kid to feed. However, a tilted bowl will lose about 10% of the maximum bowl capacity.
  • The non-tilted bowl surface holds the maximum bowl capacity.
  • Whether it is tilted or non-titled, our bowl rack design can maintain sufficient stability.
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