Big Bowl bowl stand // Ceramic bowl or Stainless bowl

The large-capacity bowl provides more space for fresh food. The wide-open bowl allows furry kids with short noses to bury their heads and pig out. The thick wood frame provides a unique wood grain texture and gives the bowl rack a proper weight.

Three height settings, suitable for large dogs to small-medium size cats and dogs.

Nature wood frame provides the unique wood grain texture and gives the bowl rack a proper weight.

Customized service: Bowl stand height and tilt of bowl opening.

渾圓大型單碗架 / 大胃碗架


2020 Etsy Design Award 2020 Top 100, USA

2019 Golden Pin Design Award, Taiwan


Large bowl capacity with different height settings can cater to the needs of medium-small to large-size cats and dogs.


Each package contains 1 bowl stand , 2 ceramic bowls & 4 floor protectors

Signal Bowl capacity: dry food [248g / 2cup] or water [755 ml / 25oz], diameter: 16 cm/6.3in, depth: 6 cm/2.3in

3 default height settings: 15, 22, and 30 cm. Suitable for large to medium-small size pets.

Fit for “French Bull” or short nose fur friend who need a wider bowl opening


Nature wood frame provides the unique wood grain texture and gives the bowl rack a proper weight.

Large capacity and low height setting allow dogs like the French Bulldog or short nose fur friends, who have a larger head, shorter nose, and big appetite, to eat with difficulties.

Customized bowls stand height, from lowest 10cm/3.9in to the highest 40cm/15.7in. The difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the bowl surface is 3cm / 1.2in.

@Coating with Water-Resistant Non-Toxic Water-Based Paint The non-toxic water-based paint allows the furry kids to eat without worry, and the waterproof surface prevents the wood frame get swollen or mold.

@The ceramic bowl is suitable for the feeding of raw and fresh foods, and… is microwavable!

@The included silicon floor protectors provide greater friction on smooth surfaces.


!!!! To prevent the package from damaged during transportation, the size M & L bowl stand will be shipping as separate parts. Assembling is required after received the package. ( attaching 4 legs to the mainframe )

**The Big Stomach Bowl is made with natural wood and comes with natural wood grain and knotted spots.

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渾圓大型單碗架 / 大胃碗架


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