Round Bowl Stand – All Type

Suitable for various dog and cat sizes ✨ Winner of multiple international design awards ✨ We insist on cutting and crafting the bowl stand from a single piece of solid wood, allowing the beauty of the maple wood grain to unfold in the rounded frame, making each stand a unique masterpiece.



🍎 The design of the bowl stand is characterized by a sleek and elegant rounded curve, highlighting the unique texture of the solid beech wood.

🍎 The adjustable height settings cater to pets of various sizes and needs, while the outward-facing leg design ensures stability in different configurations.

🍎 Outwardly flared legs design for stability across different height configurations.

🍎 Sturdy frame with just the right weight, ensuring it remains immovable even with playful pets.


↑ Clever curved design for aesthetic appeal

↑ Slip-resistant silicone foot covers for stability and water protection

↑ Clean and durable underside leg design, resistant to dirt and stains

↑Water-repellent and non-toxic, our bowl stands are coated with a water-based paint that is free from volatile substances. This ensures that pet owners need not worry even if their furry friends lick or eat off the surface.

🍀 The designer has extensive experience in customizing special specifications for mobility-challenged or senior pets.

Benefits 🍀 A suitable pet bowl stand makes mealtime smoother, reducing food scattering and providing comfort for elderly or special-needs pets.

🍀 The Butterfly Bowl Stand series is available in four size options: Large Double Bowl, Large Single Bowl, Small Double Bowl, and Small Single Bowl, catering to the needs of small to large-sized dogs and cats. Please refer to the diagram for optimal height settings and choose a large or small bowl based on your pet’s food portion. If you have any questions, feel free to consult the designer, who has rich experience in discussing bowl stand configurations with pet owners.


Although the design remains the same, we carefully adjust the thickness, length, and even the thickness of the legs to ensure the perfect fit for different size proportions. It is this attention to detail that allows the design to truly shine.



[⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] 5 start from pet owner

“High-quality wood and elegant design. The designer provided excellent explanations and packaging. Very happy with this beautiful and practical bowl stand. Thank you!”

【From the Designer】

I’m Yulin, the main designer from 9house Design.

With a commitment to our initial entrepreneurial vision, we have received international design awards for five consecutive years. Each 9house product is meticulously handcrafted to bring out its true beauty. When shipping our products, I personally handle the packaging, ensuring that every customer and their furry friends receive a delightful experience.

As a small-scale brand, we may not have a large studio, spacious warehouse, or extensive marketing campaigns, but our design philosophy and product quality have garnered heartwarming five-star reviews on global handmade platforms. With your support, we have overcome six years of entrepreneurial challenges and continue to move forward.

Here are some design awards we’ve received:

2021 Golden Pin Design Award (Taiwan)
2020 Etsy Design Award (USA)
2019 Golden Pin Design Award (Taiwan)
2018 Golden Pin Design Award (Taiwan)
2017 Red Dot Design Award (Germany)


[Contact Us]


We value finding the perfect home for each 9house creation. If you have any questions during the selection process or need detailed measurements or have specific requirements for your pet, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.



【Bowl Stand Specifications】

For the Large Double Bowl and Large Single Bowl options, two bowl materials are available by default: reinforced porcelain bowls or stainless steel bowls. If you wish to make changes, please specify in the remarks section.

Signal Bowl capacity:
【Ceramic Bowl】: dry food [248g / 2cup] [248g / 2cup]or water [755 ml / 25oz][755 ml / 25oz], diameter: 16 cm/6.3in, depth: 6 cm/2.3in
【Stainless Steel Bowl】: dry food [430g / 3.5cup][430g / 3.5cup] or water [1100ml / 37oz][1100 ml / 37oz], diameter: 16 cm/6.3in, depth: 7 cm/2.3in

Small Bowl capacity
dry food [100g/0.8cup] [100g/0 .8cup]or water [275 ml/9.3oz][275 ml/9.3oz] , diameter: 12 cm, depth: 4.5 cm

🧐 Note: Each product is handcrafted using natural wood, resulting in unique wood grain patterns and color variations. The surface may contain natural wood knots and spots.

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