[On Hand] White Black Red Flower L_61, Pet Rain Coat

Is it challenging to find a raincoat for the fur kid? Is it challenging to find a raincoat for the fur kid? The size does not fit, too few patterns to choose, not rainproof, or it is troublesome to put on and take off.🤢🤢🤢 Those are reasons we bring out our lovely pet coat 🤠


🤔 The fur kids turn into a statue of David when they put on the coat!?

Remove the foot rope, and make the texture of the cloak soft and light, To let the furkid have the lowest sense of restraint and feel superb comfort.



🤔 Need help finding a lovely-looking pet raincoat with waterproof!?

A combination of two fabrics, a multi-functional raincoat that can be reversible wearing is born. One side is a selected floral cloth, and the other is a professional-grade waterproof cloth.



🤔 It is inconvenient to put on and take off!!

We use an adjustable waist belt and neck to simplify the process of putting on and taking off, and everything becomes so easy!




🤔 A fit size is challenging to find!?

There are three preset sizes of Peter Pan furry cape, with adjustable waist and neck belts and multiple body length settings; most furkids can find a suitable raincoat.

The generally recommended size is below for your reference. But each fur friend has a different body shape, so please measure it yourself again. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the designer directly.
Size S : Dachshund(s_36)、Pomeranian、Poodle
Size M: Shiba Inu (m_41), Border Dog (m_41), Mixs (m_41/46), Tang Dog (m_41/46)
Size L: Golden retriver (L_61), Labrador (L_61), Husky (L_61)



⚡Due to each selected fabric inventory being in small quantities, placing an order as soon as you see the pattern you like is recommended. Some fabrics don’t have on-hand stock, you can place an order to customize according to the size you need, and the processing time is three weeks.

⚡The leash opening is mainly based on the shoulder strap, not the neck strap.

⚡This coat’s design mainly minimizes the sense of restraint. The coat will shake slightly from side to side in the best fit.


Each package includes 1 pcs of pet coat


Please find the dimensions of different size below:


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