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Little Egret "Pet" Cloth Stand

The daily used clothe stand has become even charming and durable through the new minimalist design and ingenious structure.



A classic shape provides a convenient place to hang the shawls, raincoats, leashes, and small bags used by the fur children.

The minimalist design and ingenious structure make the clothes rack beautiful and durable.

Two preset lengths to match the space or functionality.

[Sold Separately] Clothes hook with matching design Minimalist design hooks, available in three lengths, suitable for fur kids, children and adults. 2 silicone covers are included to keep the clothes from slipping off


each set includes : legs*4, bar *1

*the pet hanger is optional


@ Using arc grooves to clamp round sticks, the assembled Little Egret can resist swing forces from all directions.
@ Adopting the opposite interlocking hardware, the cloth rack can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly and is not easy to loosen.
@ 4 legs and a round stick work as a set of extremely durable cloth rack. After disassembly, the ultra-small body is convenient for storage.




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