Ensuring Smooth and Comfortable Meals for Mobility-Challenged Fur Kids
Bowl Stand Customization

9house’s bowl stand is fully customizable in height and tilting, so we constantly receive customized orders. The most common reasons we received those order are that the disabled furry friend can’t eat smoothly with ordinary bowl racks. Today, we’ll share the process of customizing a bowl stand, highlighting how caring and thoughtful owners put in considerable effort to ensure their beloved pets can enjoy their meals with ease and happiness.

In this particular case, a French Bulldog owner reached out to us. Due to hind leg disabilities, the dog had to rely on its front legs and upper body strength to eat, often resulting in an unbalanced posture and inadequate food intake. To address this issue, the owner first referred to our general measurement guidelines for determining the suitable stand height, and then initiated discussions with our designer.

Based on the designer’s experience, the recommended height and tilt angle for a typical French Bulldog would be 15 cm and a slightly inclined bowl surface, respectively. However, upon reviewing the photos provided by the owner, it became apparent that the dog’s unique eating posture, with the hind legs folded and relying on the front legs for support, required a taller stand and a more pronounced tilt to prevent the neck from touching the bowl’s rim.

The next consideration was the bowl capacity. Given the French Bulldog’s short snout and large head, a bowl with a wider opening, such as the “Big Bowl Stand” (single bowl) or the “Kong Bowl Stand” (double bowl), would be more suitable. Regarding the bowl material, there were two options: reinforced porcelain and stainless steel. Porcelain bowls have the advantage of being microwave-safe, which is important for preparing fresh meals. On the other hand, stainless steel bowls offer larger capacities and are more durable, being resistant to breakage. In this case, the owner chose the “Big Stomach Bowl Stand” paired with a porcelain bowl.

渾圓碗架 碗面大小比較
There were four different bowl stands to choose from, catering to various breeds such as Samoyed and Chihuahua, each with customizable height and bowl capacity.

Stability was another crucial consideration, as the French Bulldog tended to get excited during mealtime. However, the design of the “Big Stomach Bowl Stand” offered a unique advantage. With its outwardly angled legs, higher settings resulted in greater stability due to increased base width. Additionally, all four legs were equipped with non-slip silicone covers, ensuring long-lasting grip that outperformed traditional rubber leg pads.

With Sturdy Legs and Waterproof, Anti-Slip Silicone Covers, Fur Babies Can't Move Their Bowl Stand During Meals

Now come to the final step. We asked the owner to stock the old bowl with books or boxes to simulate the new height setup. We find a 22cm height is better than we initially set up, 25cm. To facilitate effective communication and ensure accuracy, the designer provided a final height configuration diagram, allowing the customer to fully understand the chosen settings.

In the final trial placement, it was found that the discussed height would be slightly against the throat, so reduce the height setting from the original 25 cm to 22 cm.
Diagram for Final setup

The ultimate result: the French Bulldog can now enjoy mealtime with ease and tranquility, both on and off its wheelchair. The customized bowl stand has proven to be highly functional, providing a comfortable dining experience.

I can finally eat smoothly even not in a wheelchair.
The best part is that it can be used even in a wheelchai

It looks awesome!
Much comfortable now while feeding💓💓👍🏻
Thanks for all your help to setup the bowl stand🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😌😌

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