How to make the disabled furry friends feed smoothly.
– Ergonomics bowl stand customization

9house’s bowl stand is fully customizable in height and tilting, so we constantly receive customized orders. The most common reasons we received those order are that the disabled furry friend can’t eat smoothly with ordinary bowl racks. Today we are going to share the process of bowl stand customization. We hope that more people will understand how the caring owners spent a lot of thought and love to make furry friends eat happily and smoothly.

This time, PunPun, a French bulldog, share his story with us. Due to the disability of the hind feet, PunPun’s body attitude is unbalanced when eating, so both the front feet and upper body need to be supported vigorously. PunPun always felt exhausted after the meal. PunPun always felt exhausted after the meal. So PunPun’s mom found us and start to discuss the bowl stand setup.

According to the designer’s experience, the generally applicable setting for the French Bulldog is a 15 cm/tilted bowl. However, refer to the photos provided by the PunPun’s mon, due to the unfunctional PunPun’s hind feet lead to a posture that prevents the neck from leaning forward smoothly. PunPun will need a bowl stand higher than 15 cm. It also needs to have a tilted bowl surface setting so that the neck will not get stuck on the edge of the bowl when eating.

The second thing to consider is the capacity of the bowl. Due to the French Bulldog’s short nose and big head, make the Big Bowl stand(single bowl)or the King Kong blow stand(double bowl) with a larger opening for the bowl surface a better fit. Then there are two kinds of bowl material. One is the strengthened porcelain bowl. The most significant advantage of the porcelain bowl is that it is microwaveable, which is very important for preparing frozen food. The second material is the stainless steel bowl. In addition to having a larger capacity than a porcelain bowl (1100ml VS 750ml), the stainless steel bowl is unbreakable. In this case, the porcelain bowl was chosen.

There are four different style bowl racks to choose from, ranging from Samoyed to Chihuahuas with suitable height and bowl capacity

The third concern is stability. French Bulldog has usually been agitated when eating. Also, in this case, the furry friend is only two legs standing up to eat. The bowl stand could be pushed easily down while feeding. However, because the four legs of the bowl stand are splayed outwards, the higher the setting, the greater the distance of the splaying, which will increase the stability of the bowl stand simultaneously. In addition, the soles of the four feet is covered with a silicone anti-skid cover, not only will not age with time but also have a better anti-slip performance than ordinary rubber feet.

The thick and solid feet are covered with a waterproof and non-slip silicone cover so that the furry child can't move when eating

Now come to the final step. We asked the owner to stock the old bowl with books or boxes to simulate the new height setup. We find a 22cm height is better than we initially set up, 25cm. After getting the final result, the designer provided a final height setting diagram to avoid communication errors and let customers better understand the final setting.

In the final trial placement, it was found that the discussed height would be slightly against the throat, so reduce the height setting from the original 25 cm to 22 cm.
Diagram for Final setup

Last step! Then Punpun’s mother places an order with a confident setup and waits for the goods to arrive. Then we can watch a French bulldog enjoy his feeding time will smoothly and happily!!

I can finally eat smoothly even not in a wheelchair.
The best part is that it can be used even in a wheelchai

It looks awesome!
Much comfortable now while feeding💓💓👍🏻
Thanks for all your help to setup the bowl stand🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😌😌

Punpun's Mom

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